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Event Policy

Policy under COVID-19

As part of CLO's health and safety procedures, participants attending the on-site training are required to observe the COVID-19 monitoring measures as follows:​

  • Use LeaveHomeSafe app at the entry of YF Life Tower

  • Fill in the health declaration form provided by WeWork

  • Wear a mask at all times

  • Have temperature check and use hand sanitizer before entering the on-site training venue

  • Maintain good personal hygiene and appropriate social distancing

  • Refrain from eating and drinking

  • In response to the Hong Kong COVID-19 situation and the health status of participants, CLO would reserve the right to postpone or cancel the on-site training.

Qualification of Programme Completion

  • Attendance rate 85% or above (at least 7 lessons out of 8)

  • Submission of at least 7 lesson practices out of 8

  • Pass the final project

Bad Weather Policy

  • The following tables set out the arrangements for all training workshop during adverse weather conditions. For avoidance of doubt, no additional cost will be charged for any postponement and suspension of trainings caused by adverse weather conditions.

Typhoon Signal / “Extreme Condition” Announcement

No. 1 and No. 3

To operate as normal

Pre-No.8 Special Announcement

In force or issued before start of the training.

Training to be held in that particular session should be POSTPONED.

Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above / “Extreme Condition” Announcement

In force or issued when training is in session.

Training will be immediately SUSPENDED for the session.

Lowering to No. 3 or below or lowering all signals or cancellation of “Extreme Condition”, at any time on the same date

Training to be held in that particular session should be POSTPONED.

  • Where possible, the Hong Kong Observatory will issue an early alert (i.e. a “Pre-No.8 Special Announcement”) within two hours of the hoisting of the Typhoon Signal No.8 (T8).  When a Pre-No.8 Special Announcement is issued, all training workshops (including support sessions*) will immediately be suspended. 

  • If situation warrants, the Government may issue an “Extreme Condition” announcement before T8 is replaced with No. 3.  The “Extreme Condition”, if issued, normally covers the two-hour period after cancellation of T8, and may be extended or cancelled by the end of the two-hour period.

Refund Policy

  • You have to send email to for refunds

  • 100% application fee will be refunded with email notice at least 3 days before 25th July, 2022.

  • 50% application fee will be refunded with email notice less than 3 days before 25th July, 2022.

  • No refunds if the email notice is on or after 25th July 2022

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